Sunday, January 24, 2010

Couponaholic's Daily (Jan 24)...


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With the big game (SuperBowl) in two weeks, we will email some companies that can make our spread that much better.  We will do this several times in the next two weeks.

OutgoingHass Avacados
"As the host of many gatherings including for many sporting events, I just wanted to let you know that I only use Hass avacados for dips and many other recipes.  Thanks so much for providing such a great product!  Thanks again, Karissa"
Outgoing: Wholly Guacamole
"I have to admit that I have used your Guac at gatherings and claimed it to be homemade.  We love using your different guacs for dip, sandwiches, and more. Thanks so much for providing such a great product!  Thanks again, Karissa"
"Thanks for being the centerpiece for our gatherings at our house.  We love serving your dips, chips, and more.  We will continue to praise your products for years to come.  Thanks again, Karissa"

Be sure to comment if you have had any luck with or know of a good company we should contact!  This is a lot of fun to do together:)



  1. I sent an email to Snuggle. They sent me a coupon good for any Snuggle product up to $5.00!

  2. I think we should do fabric softener next that sounds like a fantastic coupon! I got 1 free bag of Stacy's pita chips, one free New York Bread,3 .55 off Blue Bunny frozen products, 3 .55 off Brawny paper towels and 2 $1.00 of Children's Tylenol. GREAT mail day!

  3. JoDee,
    I agree, we will do fabric softener tonight! Thanks for doing this with me, I just love to get the mail these days!