Sunday, January 24, 2010

Need Organization?

So, just recently I got one of the cutest little coupon organizers I have ever seen.  I guess little is a relative term, because I have many coupon organizers, some much larger than others.  For a beginning couponer, this accordion notebook is perfect.  It is also great as a secondary organizer for keeping coupons that you know you will use on a certain trip (ie, put all Albertsons doublers and the accompanying coupons in before going to the store so you don't have to carry ALL of your irrelevant coupons).

(This one is 7" wide and 4.5" tall. I am sure she can make other sizes for you, as well).

Email Erin to inquire about getting one of these cute organizers (or you can comment on this post, and I will pass them along to Erin)!  I LOVE mine!



  1. I'm interested. Where do we get them?


  2. Hi Leann,
    Here is the email address for Erin, who makes the coupon organizer.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up yours! I signed up to be a reader.

    Feel free to email me any deals you find.

  4. Thanks Kristin! I love your blog! I saw that you used the Disney font I sent you for a while, but then you went away from it...was it a copyright violation or something? The new look is great!

    Thanks again for signing on! You are a great blogger!