Thursday, February 18, 2010

Couponaholic's Daily (Feb 18) Costco Edition...

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Although Costco doesn't take manufacturers coupons, they are still one of my favorite stores!  We have the American Express membership.  We pay it off every month and accrue an annual rebate which usually amounts to about $300.  Yup, free money.  We use the card for many bills, gas, and dining out.  With that being said, I'm going to contact some of my favorite companies that Costco carries.  PS. A frugal tip for shopping at Costco: go in with a list, stick to it, and if you can, don't bring in a cart. 

Outgoing: Popchips (a great recommendation from Cheryl)
"My family and I love Popchips!  Especially the BBQ Flavor.  I am so glad I can buy them at Costco and stock up on this great snack! Thanks so much! Karissa"
Outgoing: Ling Ling Potstickers
"Mmmmmm, my family loves your potstickers!  I love that I can buy them at Costco and stock up.  Thanks for making such a convenient and tasty dish! Thanks again! Karissa"
Outgoing: UTZ Pub Mix
"Pub Mix is a staple at all of our get togethers!  I just wanted to thank you for a great product.  I love that I can buy them at Costco and stock up!  Thanks so much!  Karissa"
Outgoing: Yoplait Gogurts (Here's a $1 Coupon to boot)
"My family loves Gogurt!  It is so nice to freeze them, then send them to daycare with my daughter.  We really love that we can buy them at Costco and stock up on them for a good deal.  Thanks again!  Karissa"

Incoming: 2x FREE Thai Kitchen Products (up to $3.49), 2x FREE Simply Asia Products (up to $3.49), and 2x $.50 off Both Thai Kitchen and Simply Asia, Skinny Cow Freezer Bag (great soft cooler!).
Be sure to comment if you have had any luck with or know of a good company we should contact!  This is a lot of fun to do together:)



  1. Remember that Kraft Shredded cheese deal at FM a few weeks ago? I used one of the packages on a casserole a couple nights ago and the stuff NEVER MELTED! It just turned into these gross little burnt cheese sticks so I called and told them about it and they are sending me a coupon for another package :)

  2. Haha...yuck! That is great that you contacted them. Companies are usually really good about taking care of complaints. Good work, Leah! I have also found that if the cheese isn't defrosted completely it has a hard time melting.

    Enjoy the sun!