Friday, February 19, 2010

Couponaholic's Daily (Feb 19)...

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So, oftentimes we "couponaholics" look at deals before health.  Tonight we will mail companies that have some great, healthy(ier) products.

Outgoing: Annie's Homegrown Natural and Organic Foods
"I just wanted to thank you for making healthy food that is easy to prepare!  My daughter loves your Mac and Cheese and Bunny Grahams.  Thanks so much! Karissa"

Outgoing: No Pudge Fudge (Plus, they have a really cute logo!)
"I just wanted to thank you for making great brownies that won't pack on the pounds!  I love your "No Pudge" Brownies more than the ones with the pudge!  Thanks so much! Karissa"
Outgoing: Kashi
"I just wanted to thank you for making healthy food that is ready to eat.  It is so tough to find good food that is also healthy.  Yours is both tasty and good for me (and especially my daughter).  Thanks so much! Karissa"

Incoming: 4x $8.00/1 Any Resers Products (Woohoo!), 4x $.55/1 Any Resers Product!

Be sure to comment if you have had any luck with or know of a good company we should contact!  This is a lot of fun to do together:)


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