Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Daunting Task...

I won't be blogging much today, because I am tackling a daunting task...COUPON ORGANIZATION.  I can't wait to show you the fruits of much labor, but as you can see in the pictures below, it is a daunting task!
About an hour in...a ways to go!

--My daughter, Maddie, peers into the huge box quickly filling up with expired coupons and unnecessary insert filler.

A friend and I are using the "baseball card" organization method.  Results to come...

Enjoy your Saturday, and be sure to check back soon to see the results.



  1. ewww... quit clipping! ::shivers::

  2. Haha...I know! Collin (Hip2Save) and others use the clipped, baseball card method. I had been skeptical until recently when I realized there is so much weight and waste on printables and inserts that aren't actually the coupons. Wish me luck, Dandelion:)


  3. I'm with Dandelion! I used the binder method for eight months and always felt overwhelmed trying to keep it up. I'm so much happier using the filing system. The up side to the binder is for those unexpected finds.

  4. Pros and cons to both . . . I file most of mine, but will clip out the ones I KNOW I will use and keep a smaller binder for those in my purse. I mostly file though as I find I can't keep up with clipping . . . occationaly I have kicked myself when I have come across a clearance and I know I have a coupon at home, but not enough times to make clipping worth my time. I could always be more organized with my coupons though . . . still haven't found the "perfect" solution! :-) Have fun!! :-)