Monday, February 1, 2010

FREE cat litter from Cat's Pride...

No! I don't have a cat! Actually, I wanted the FREE cat litter for the alternative uses it provides: ie, soaking up garage floor spills.  So, as you will see, I had to upload a small picture of my dog to get this giveaway:)  Here is the deal: To get your coupon for FREE Cat Litter from Cat's Pride (up to $7 value!), join Catster HERE (which is the Cat's Pride online group) with an active cat profile and photo.  The photo was the thing that threw me for a loop:)  Oh well.  I don't think they are going to go in there and accuse my dog of being anything other than a 90lb cat.  You can click here or on the picture above.

Supposedly once you upload a photo of your dog cat, they will send you the coupon via snail mail.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks Hip2Save!


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