Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FREE Offer...TODAY Only!

**Deal is Dead**
Today only if you buy the Jump Start Preschool and Kindergarten program online through Costco - you can mail in a rebate that will make it FREE! Not a Costco member? It's can still order it, you will just be charged an extra $0.90 processing fee.

Go here to place the the CD program into your cart. You will pay $17.99 today and then, once you have received your confirmation of the order, visit the Rebate Center here and complete the Rebate form to get a $17.99 check back by mail. If you are not a member you will need to mail in this form.

Thanks, Discount Queens!



  1. When crediting a blog with a post you need to credit the original blog where this appeared, not the third in line where you got this from. Just and FYI... Where did DQ get it from? And was that the original poster?

  2. Anon,
    I appreciate your blog etiquette recommendation and agree with you to a certain extent. However, I am doing this blog to help people save money and I do my best to give credit where credit is due. I am sorry if I don't always have time to search through every deal to find the original blog, especially on fairly common deals especially where it is nearly impossible to track down the original. If you anyone ever sees me post where incorrect credit is given please comment with the original link and I would also appreciate if it was left anonymously. Thanks so much for reading and caring. I do appreciate honest and heart felt comments.


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