Saturday, February 6, 2010


I LOVE Swagbucks!  If you are unsure what it is, click here for my explanation/directions for Swagbucks.  If you are already a user, go to Swagbucks and watch a short video (about 3 minutes) to earn a FREE Swagbuck.  It is easy:

(1) Go to Swagbucks
(2) Hover over "Ways to Earn" at the top

(3) Then click on "Special Offers"
(4) Then, go to "Wall 2" and watch the funny video.  The Swagbuck will take awhile to apply to your account, so don't panic.

(5) Try out more special offers for more Swagbucks, which equals FREE stuff!  

Thanks Couponing to Disney for the head's up!



  1. Hey - so I am pretty new to SB . . . what have you signed up for that has given you a decent amount of swagbucks, but is free? I don't want to end of being charged for something . . and then it turning out to be a real hassle. Ya know?

  2. I did the FREE netflix trial and FREE blockbuster. They were so easy and I cancelled the minute I signed up. I would definitely recommend it!