Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lots of FREEBIES at Target...

Kashi Cereal Cups $1.00 x7
-$1.00/1 Coupon from Naturally Preferred Magazine (found at Fred Meyer)

Honey Nut Cheerio Cups $1.00 x2
-$1.00/1 Printable Coupon x2

Band-Aids $0.97 x10
-$1.00/1 Coupon January Safeway Coupon Booklet x10

Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kits $0.97 x10
-$2.00/1 Coupon January Safeway Coupon Booklet x10
=FREE, plus $1.03 overage on each first aid kit

Old Spice Body Wash 1.7oz $0.82 x2 (found in travel section)
-$3.00/2 Coupon 2/21 PG
=FREE, plus overage

Gillette Body Wash 6oz $1.99 x4
-$4.00/2 Coupon 2/21 PG x2

Seventh Generation Cleaner $2.99
-FREE Coupon (read the details about Recycle Bank here)

Fur Fighter $3.99
-$4.00/1 Printable Coupon

Oreo Cakesters $2.99
-FREE Coupon from Kraft First Taste

Swiffer Starter Kit $8.99
Swiffer Refill $4.04
-$2.00/1 Target Coupon 2/21 RP
-FREE Swiffer Refill when you buy Starter Kit Coupon from Home Made Simple Booklet
=$6.99 for Starter Kit and Refill

8pk Picture Frames $2.48 (found in bulk clearance section)

My total before Coupons was $81.00, along with Coupons I actually had overage from the First Aid kits so I only paid the sales tax for all item which was just under $6.00.



  1. NICE! im gettng the just about same tomorrow just the free swiffer because there is a $4 off coupon in pampers box diapers at walmart so it make the swiffer and refill FREE! plus no tax in montana!!!

  2. A few weeks ago, you posted about coupon etiquette and only taking the amount of coupons/booklets that you need. Whatever are you going to do with 17 first aid kits? I felt funny taking 4 of those booklets from Safeway.

  3. Anon,
    The Coupons expire tomorrow so when they are still available you might as well take advantage before it's to late, right? Great question about what I will do with all of them...when I get FREE stuff like this I donate it to homeless shelters downtown. They are always very appreciative and can always use personal healthcare supplies!

  4. I have been finding that I don't get the same deals you do. If I go within a few days of your post they usually limit how many items or won't let me have the overage,etc. And, they comment at how someone else came in before me and used so many coupons, got so many deals,that the cashiers have been told not to do it anymore. I think that when a few people do it excessively then it ruins the chance for the rest of us getting to to do it once or twice. I really agree with the person above who posted about the etiquette. I appreciate that you are donating the items but I think that there will be people who don't get the deal at all this week at Target.

  5. Anon,
    Regarding the overage at Target, it really depends on the cashier just like at any other store. Per Targets Coupon policy they can adjust the coupon to the value of the product, ie:$0.97. These first aid kits have always been $0.97, it isn't a special sale. They are located in the travel section and that is a regular price not just this week. I am unsure of how they limit your items. The coupon states 1 coupon per purchase, meaning one coupon per item. Regarding coupon etiquette, I did not clear the shelves by any means, there were many first aid kits and bandaids left. My reasoning behind purchasing a large quantity of these is not because I was expecting the overage, the cashiers usually always adjust the Coupon down, but I wanted to purchase these to give away before the Coupons expire tomorrow. These Coupons from the January Coupon Booklet have been available for 2 months now and I feel that people would have bought some within that time frame if they wanted to. I have been to Target many times since this Coupon became available and have seen full shelves of the product and have not bought any. I do appreciate your thoughts and honesty.

  6. The Fur Fighter stuff was on sale at my Target but it was $7.99!

  7. Jackie,
    The Fur Fighter was marked $7.99 at my store too, but when I price checked it, it was $3.99. If you have the ad from Sunday, it shows it as $3.99 too. I would recommend bringing in your ad to the store so you can get it for that price.

  8. GREAT TRIP! I love when you can get overage at Target... doesn't happen often but it's fantastic when it does!

  9. Karissa - YOU ROCK Girl!! :-)

  10. I too took advantage of this offer. The offer was good for a whole month. I will use these at school for anything from a stomache ache to a real bleeder. I don't think it is anyones job to judge what we are going to do with things. Everytime I go to target I check out the sample stuff and there was always plenty stocked up. I am not sure why anyone would be upset about it. I have never heard of a cashier that wouldn't sell you anything. That is their job. Come on, that comment was ridiculous. Thanks to Karissa for finding these deals for us. If not for her no one would get these deals.

  11. I just read all the comments and just wanted to add one quick thing you may not know. Karissa is also part of a "coupon exchange" with me and a group of other gals. I gave her my bandaid and first aid kit coupons as I wasn't going to be using them and she would be able put them to good use. There are a number of ways to get multiple coupons. Just so you knew!! Thanks Karissa for ALL you do for us. I love your blog!

  12. Excellent job!! I love getting the travel/trial size items for donation. Our local ministerial alliance and Women's shelter love getting the smaller sizes for making up bags to hand out to people.

    I think it's great that you are taking the time and effort out to grab up those freebies to help someone in need.