Friday, February 19, 2010

Mega Swagbucks!

It is Mega Swagbucks Friday!  If you click through the special offers (directions below), then you can find their newest FREE Swagbuck!  Also, because it is Mega Swagbucks Friday, you can win many more Swagbucks through search!  Again, if you are unsure what it is, click here for my explanation/directions for Swagbucks.  If you are already a user, go to Swagbucks do the following:

(1) Go to Swagbucks
(2) Hover over "Ways to Earn" at the top

(3) Then click on "Special Offers"
(4) Then, click on "No Obligation offers" on the right hand side.

(5) You can either sign up for a bunch of their offers or click "skip to next offer" which will eventually lead to the FREE Swagcode.  Once you have that code, go back to the Swagbucks home (click home on top left).  There is a place to enter your Swagcode.

FREE stuff!  Woohoo!


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  1. Hi, Karissa!

    Just wanted to let you know that I chose your blog as my Cha-Ching Challenge Highlight this week. Congrats!

    You can see my post highlighting your deals here:

    LOVE your button, by the way!