Sunday, February 7, 2010

SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS EDITION Couponaholic's Daily (Feb 7)...

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WOW, great game huh?  After viewing some great commercials during the game, I think we should contact some of our favorites.  I will put three of my favorites up, but please comment and add your favorites. Of course, I am only contacting those companies, which have a product worth emailing for:)

Outgoing: Doritos

"I am a chipaholic, and I loved your Superbowl commercials!  I get really excited when I get a good deal on your small bags to take for lunch! Thanks again, Karissa"
Outgoing: Pop Secret

"Thanks for making such great popcorn.  I also loved your commercial during the Superbowl.  I love to pack this healthy snack for lunch! Thanks again, Karissa"
Outgoing: Snickers

"I have a "sweet tooth" and my favorite cure is a Snickers!  I love your candy bar (and I liked your Superbowl commercial too)! Thanks again, Karissa"

Be sure to comment if you had any other favorite commercials!  These were pretty good ones:) Oh, I guess the game was good too, ha!


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