Monday, March 1, 2010

Additional Recycle Bank Points = FREE Stuff!

RecycleBank partners with cities and haulers to reward households for recycling; households earn RecycleBank Points that can be used to shop at over 1,500 local and national businesses. Currently, you can earn 100 RecycleBank points just for signing up to join (this offer is good for NEW registrants only). Once you have signed up you can use your points to purchase high value coupons for groceries and/or discounts at online stores.

Currently, you can get high value coupons for various products that you use everyday. Interested? Just go on over here and sign up for an account. After doing so, click on the “Get Rewards” tab (you may have to login again and then click on the “Get Rewards” tab). Now you can start scrolling through the rewards they have available on the left hand side. I signed up and within two days got my coupon in the mail for a FREE Seventh Generation cleaning product.

Want to earn more more points for FREE stuff? You can now earn up to 300 points every 3 months, follow these directions:

1. Go here and sign up for an account with Kashless. This is a FREE classified ad service. If your city is not listed, then just choose one close by.
2. After registering, you’ll need to confirm your e-mail address with a link they will send you via email. (use junk email address)
3. After doing so, click on the “Rewards” tab at the top and link your RecycleBank account (by entering your RecycleBank password).
4. Now click on the “Saved Searches” tab and you’ll be able to start saving searches by searching for any type of classified ad.
5. You’ll get 10 additional points added to your RecycleBank account for every search you save—up to 300 points. Your very first search you earn 20 additional points.
6. The points that you earn should show up in your RecycleBank account within a few days and then you can start redeeming them for even more high value and even FREE product coupons! So EXCITING! 

Now, you can earn an additional easy 65 points. Follow these steps: 
1. Log on to Recycle Bank on March 1st and enter promo RECYCLEYOURMAGS to get an additional 15 points.
2. You can get 50 points by joining the Ebay Green Team, go here to join.

It is so easy to get FREE stuff, I redeemed my 50 points for FREE 7th Generation Dish Soap. Who doesn't love FREE? :)


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