Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Couponaholic's Daily (March 2)...

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Reader Recs...THANKS Ja!

Outgoing: Contadina (Del Monte brand)  -- Coupons?
"Contadina, I just wanted to thank you for your awesome tomato products!  My mom has a great family recipe, in which we only use your sauce.  Thanks again,  Karissa"

OutgoingTofutti (email)
"My family and I love your dairy free products.  My daughter is lactose intolerant, so the whole fam also tries to avoid dairy, as well.  Thanks so much for making dairy free without flavor free!  Karissa"

Be sure to comment if you have had any luck with or know of a good company we should contact!  This is a lot of fun to do together:)


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