Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did you get your FREE Oreo Coupon?

Did you get your FREE Coupon for the Golden Double Stuf Oreo's that were being given out awhile back on Facebook? Nabisco is trying to make it right. If you didn't get your Coupon, go here to to fill out the request for your Coupon.

Thanks, For the Mommas!



  1. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and used it at the Wandermere Albertsons. It took me two tries-the first checker wouldn't let me use it since it was a free "internet" coupon. I told him it was mailed to me, but it does look like a printable. So I went back the next day and asked customer service if they would take it, and sure enough they did!

  2. Thanks for posting this, I was bummed that I never received mine and thought maybe it had just gotten lost in the mail or something. Glad to see that they are trying to make it right. Hopefully they will send it out soon :)