Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost FREE meat at Winco!

John Morrell Sausage $1.18 x10
-$1.00/1 John Morrell Tearpad Coupon (found at Rosauers next to John Morrell sausage) x10
=$0.18 each

Tuna Helper $0.98 x3
Tuna $0.59 x3
-$1.00/3 Coupon from Betty Crocker Coupon Booklet or
-$0.75/3 Printable Coupon
-$1.00/1 Canned Tuna when you buy Tuna Helper Coupon x3 (peelie Coupon found on Tuna Helper)
=$0.12 each item

Sugar 4lb from bulk section $1.97 (way CHEAPER than buying a bag of sugar!)

I just discovered the bulk food section at Winco...I know call me crazy for not knowing about what great prices they have on spices. I refilled all my empty spice jars for about $0.25 each. is so much cheaper than buying McCormick spices! I was so excited to save so much money, I even got some brownie points from the husband for buying his favorites like Cayenne Pepper, Hot Chili Flakes, etc :)



  1. love your site- really! A LOT! Just an inquiry though- Did you really take 10 coupons from a store tearpad (john morrell)???? Doesn't seem like something a responsible couponer would do... but I know it is so tempting! I have a Winco opening up soon near me and I can't wait.

  2. Winco will not take coupons you print yourself so I don't go there often. But, when we do we love the bulk food section. They alway have wild, unusual and very fun seasonal candy that my boys love to pick out. And they think I'm the best mom for letting them pick out individual pieces of candy. :)

  3. I have been able to use printable coupons at Winco but have heard that some of the Winco stores don't take them, I guess it depends on the store manager?

    I love the bulk section too! The spices, oatmeal, powdered milk, way cheaper to buy from the bulk section when you break it down by the oz :)

  4. Darci,
    To answer your question, No, I did not feel bad taking 10 Coupons. There were about 200 on the stack and I took the amount that I know my family would use. I do think it is good to think about others for sure! In this situation I did not clear out the tearpad but I got enough that my family would use before the product went bad. Hope this helps with my reasoning. I do also know that the other Rosauers in town have the same Coupons available so it isn't like the location I went to was the only one available. Thanks for commenting though, I love questions!

    I have heard that people have had a hard time with printable Coupons, that is why I refrained from trying that. I do also know that when you have over $10 in Coupons the cashier has to get a manager to over-ride the transaction. Winco will definitely not be my number 1 store, but I will definitely always buy my spices from there now :)