Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Movie Ticket from Fandango!

Have you ever used Fandango? It is a website where you can enter your zipcode, find a theater and buy movie tickets online before you go!

Follow these steps to get a FREE movie ticket:

Join Tropicana Rewards; if you’re a first time registrant, take the 5 question survey and get one point.

Become a fan of Tropicana on Facebook, then you’ll receive a code: FBOOK-TROPI, enter this code and get another point.

Click “Explore Rewards” , search “Fandango” and redeem you two points on the “Buy One Get One Free Offer” from Fandango.

You’ll then get a unique code that you can use at Fandango to get a FREE movie ticket when you buy one!
I am loving all these movie deals lately, makes for a cheap date night :) Have you seen any must-see movies lately?


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