Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How EASY is that?

So I got the inspiration from looking at the J Crew website. They sell reusable bags that are made out of tank tops for $8.00. I love the idea of having fun printed bags and that you can easily wash them, but I wasn't about to pay $8.00! To make a reusable bag all you have to do is find an old tank top from your closet, flip the tank top inside out and sew all the way across the bottom. Flip the tank top to the right side and you have a FREE reusable bag! This bag I made holds so much and conveniently fits in my purse, I LOVE it! Go digging for old tank tops ladies, I promise they are so easy to make.



  1. How cool are you! Thanks for sharing this i posted this on my blog, cause i just loved it.

  2. AWESOME!!! THIS is what going green is all about :) I want to make my own now.