Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easy Kraft Game = Buy 2, Get 1 FREE Coupon!

Kraft has a somewhat addicting new online game up called Noodlette. Spin the piece of macaroni to play the game and earn points! If you earn enough points to select the box, you'll get a $0.55/2 Coupon for Kraft Mac and Cheese! Earn enough points for the Easy Mac cup and you'll be able to print a Coupon for B2G1 Free Easy Mac cups! The highest Coupon is for BOGO Kraft Mac & Cheese Homestyle Deluxe dinners. Go here to play!

Once you win once, you'll be able to print any Coupon for the highlighted product. So if both the box and cup are highlighted, you can print both! Also, you'll only be able to print two Coupons, so if you're aiming for the BOGO coupon, I would select "Keep Playing" instead of printing either of the first two! I won on my second try. These Coupons will match up great with the Kraft Mail-in-Rebate.


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