Friday, May 28, 2010


(1) Join Swagbucks.  Click here or on the picture to join Swagbucks. (It will ask you to enter some information here.  You DO NOT need a Swagcode here.  It is optional, and you don't have worries)

(2) Earn Swagbucks.  There are many ways to do this. 

  • Use as your search engine (no worries, it is powered by Google)
  • Sign up for promotional offers (ie, sign up for Netflix FREE 2 week trial = 750 instant Swagbucks!) There are two "walls" full of promotional offers.  A few that I have done include: Netflix, Blockbuster online, and CreditReport (each got me at least 750 Swagbucks!).

  • Enter Swagcodes as announced frequently on 
  • Install the Swagbuck toolbar on your browser 

  • Refer friends! (You get 30 Swagbucks for every friend you refer)
(3) Redeem Swagbucks earned
  • My favorite thing to buy is $5 Amazon Gift Cards for 450 Swagbucks (really the best deal!).  It is easy!  You just go to the Swagstore once you have enough Swagbucks.  Buy $5 Giftcards and they send you an e gift certificate.
I hope you are excited to get going!  Keep in mind that the more you do with Swagbucks, the more you earn.  A common misconception is that one can search on over and over again to get Swagbucks.  They have this one figured out.  You just search as you normally would, and they reward you as you go...the big bucks are in promotional offers and referrals.


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